So what's next?

So what's next?

Following Boris Johnson's announcement on Sunday as we slowly progress towards the new normal, it is important that you start to plan in anticipation of your employees being able to return to work or maybe your new normal will be more home working?

There are some key factors that you will need to consider in anticipation of us being able to return to work:

  • What resources and workforce will you need to fulfil your business needs and when?
  • Will you extend furlough for some employees over others and what are the reasons for doing this? 
  • What Government funding can you access, eg, furlough, clawback for SSP?
  • Do your employment contracts enable you to flex your workforce in order to meet business needs?
  • Will your need to change the working arrangements for certain areas of your business?
  • Will you need to make redundancies and if so how many and when?
  • How are you keeping in contact with your employees?

We hope that you have found this information useful.

Please contact us if you would like us to review and update your employment contracts and associated employment documents to ensure that they are both up-to-date with current employment legislation and match your business needs moving forward.

If you would like to know more, just give us a call on 07951 356700.

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