Coronavirus - Key things you need to know!

Coronavirus - Key things you need to know!

With all of the news surrounding the Coronavirus, we wanted to share with you some key things that we think you should know.

Are employees entitled to be paid for virus linked absences?

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) will be paid from the first day of absence, not the 4th day, where people have the virus or have to self-isolate, or care for such people.

If employees are not able to work and they have lay-off clauses in their contract of employment, which they have signed, then this can be imposed. 

The Government has introduced a number of emergency provisions to help individuals in such circumstances.  Further details can be found here:

Coronavirus Support

What actions can you take to reduce the risk to your employees?

As recommended under the latest ACAS update, it is good practice for you to:

  • keep everyone updated on actions being taken to reduce risks of exposure in the workplace
  • make sure everyone's contact numbers and emergency contact details are up to date
  • consider extra precautions for staff who might be more vulnerable, for example if someone is pregnant, aged 70 or over, or has a long-term health condition
  • make sure managers know how to spot symptoms of coronavirus and are clear on any relevant processes for example sickness reporting and sick pay, and procedures in case someone in the workplace shows symptoms of the virus
  • make sure there are clean places to wash hands with hot water and soap, and encourage everyone to wash their hands regularly
  • provide hand sanitiser and tissues for staff, and encourage them to use them
  • consider if any travel or meetings are necessary and if meetings can be held remotely instead
  • keep up to date with the latest government coronavirus advice on GOV.UK

We will continue to provide you with updates on topics relating to Coronavirus so stay tuned.

We are here to help so if you would like to discuss how we could help you, please give us a call on 07951 356700.

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