Survive or thrive?

Survive or thrive?

Now that the national lock down is coming to an end, and with the re-introduction of the 3 Tiered approach, it's a confusing time for organisations to determine what steps to take to both survive and thrive during these challenging times.

We wanted to share with you some questions to help you to consider what changes that you may need to take in both the immediate and the long-term to support your organisation's growth plans.

1)  Innovation - as a result of the pandemic, has it resulted in you deciding to expand into new markets?  Has this meant that you now require new skills in your workforce which don't currently exist?  Do you need to invest in training for your team?

2)  Systems and processes - Are you maximising the efficiency of your processes and systems?  Are they paper based or in the Cloud?  Are they time intensive?  Is there a better way?

3)  Remote working - Is this an approach that you would wish to introduce permanently within your workforce or for certain pockets of your organisation?  What benefits could this offer for you, eg, creating a more agile workforce?   Could it reduce your capital costs?

4)   Communication is key - If your intention is to introduce a more agile workforce, what technologies do you have in place to keep everyone connected?  How will you keep your employees updated on current changes within your organisation, how will you manage your employee information?

We hope that you have found this questions food for thought.

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