How to Manage Holiday Requests and Keep Your Team Happy!

How to Manage Holiday Requests and Keep Your Team Happy!

Holiday requests will have increased during this time and parents are managing childcare arrangements. It's a balancing act not just for the employer but also for the employee in ensuring that you are managing holiday requests in a fair and equitable way whilst not compromising how your organisation operates. We've put together some key pointers for you to consider when applying a balanced approach.

1)   Holiday Policy - Make sure that you have a robust Holiday Policy in place which clearly outlines the UK rules surrounding holiday entitlements, processes and key guidelines as to how you will manage holiday requests so that there aren't any surprises for your employees.

2)   First Come, First Served Rule - This is considered a fair and equitable approach to managing holiday requests.  You may also wish to consider introducing some form of rotational approach overlaying this to ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity to take certain periods of time off during the year.

3)    Recording Holidays - Make sure that you have a robust system in place to ensure that you are capturing all employee holiday requests.  It will be highly costly to your organisation if you are giving employees more holiday than they are entitled to.

We hope that you have found this information useful.

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