So you want to keep your best people?

So you want to keep your best people?

According to a recent study undertaken by job site Indeed, small businesses are hiring an average of three candidates annually that don’t work out long-term. From rushing into making a decision to get the vacancy filled to a limited talent pool, the reasons given for bad hires are numerous, but the fact remains that whatever the reason for the candidate not being a good fit, them leaving resonates throughout the business in more ways than one. However, despite these findings, more than a third of companies believe that these hiring mistakes have zero financial impact according to a survey carried out by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), which is why we want to share some thoughts with you of practical ways in which you can get the right candidate first time.

How do I reduce the risk of a bad hire?

Well here’s our Top 5 tips:
1)     Recruitment - Make sure that you have a clear vision as to what you want your future business to look like and make sure that this is reflected in your recruitment processes.  It'll be worth it in the long-term.

2)     Goals - Make sure that you have clearly defined Company goals, that are clearly communicated and understood by your employees, and that they know how they contribute individually to the achievement of those goals.

3)    Reviews - Have regular reviews with your employees to make sure that they understand how they are performing and whether they have any development areas.
4)    Training - Make sure that you provide opportunities to your employees for additional training and support to help them to develop and to support your growth plans, eg, making sure that managers are confident in managing their teams.
5)    Getting your house in order - Make sure that you have robust contracts of employment and HR policies and procedures in place which are not just legally compliant but also support your future goals.


If you’re currently in the process of hiring, get in touch with today and let us guide you on a successful strategy for finding the ideal candidate who’s a perfect fit for your business and reducing the risk when recruiting.

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