Are you struggling to attract and retain high quality employees?

Are you struggling to attract and retain high quality employees?

After the challenges of Covid-19, which appears to have now stabilised, employers are now facing uncertainty as a result of Brexit, the war in the Ukraine, the huge increases in the cost of living and now fears of a world recession.

This is now putting immense pressure on employers to consider how they can save cash and maximise the performance of their teams, whilst attracting and retaining high quality employees, who can deliver high quality results during these challenging times of uncertainty.

With this in mind, in this series, we are going to share with you some of our top tips on:

1)   How to attract high quality employees.

2)  Once you've got them on board, how to help them to hit the ground running and feel part of your organisation at an early stage.

3)   Put strategies in place to assess how your current workforce feels about working for you and how to keep them committed to working for you.

4)  If you are in the unfortunate position of having to make redundancies, how you can do this in a fair and professional way and minimise the risk of any ET claims being made against you.So for today, we are going to have a laser focus on the hot topic of recruitment.

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (August 2022):"Almost half (47%) of employers have hard-to-fill vacancies, and these are most strongly felt in education (56%), transport and storage (55%), and the voluntary sector (53%). In response to ongoing recruitment and retention challenges, among employers with hard to fill vacancies, the top response has been to upskill more existing staff (41%) followed by advertising more jobs as flexible (35%) and by raising wages (29%)"

So let's talk turkey, what can you do to get some great people on board?

Top Tip 1 -Be Flexible - Covid-19 has certainly changed the face of working practices with home working and hybrid working (a combination of working from home and working in the office) which is now the norm for a lot of organisations.  Wherever possible, adopt flexible, hybrid working options to attract candidates.

Top Tip 2 - Create a Compelling Case - Look at ways in which you can make working for you an opportunity not to be missed, such as, a friendly and supportive team, career progression, competitive rates of pay and extra fringe benefits.

Top Tip 3 - Create a Positive Experience - Put a plan together for managing the end-to-end recruitment process, eg, who needs to be involved and at what stage of the process, when and how.

Top Tip 4 - Hold out for the Right Candidate - Be patient and design an interview and selection process which doesn't just probe for questions about skills and competencies, but also establishes whether the candidate will be a good cultural fit for your organisation.

We hope this helps!

In our next update, we are going to be looking at Onboarding.

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