Coronavirus - Top Tips for Home Working

Coronavirus - Top Tips for Home Working

In this blog, we provide you with some top tips for home working

In this challenging time of such unpredictability, you may be in a position where a number of your team are now working from home so here's some key factors to consider. 

You will need to:

  • pay the employee as usual
  • keep in regular contact
  • check on the employee’s health and wellbeing
It is also vitally important to keep your employees motivated so here's some ideas.
  • Each morning, have a quick call with the whole team using Microsoft Teams – to make sure everyone is up and working, to check if there are any IT issues and everyone is feeling well.  Also making full use of the video function on Teams, so people can see each other while they are talking.
  • Split the staff into 2 teams – so they know who to go to first with any problems – just helps to ease the burden a bit.
  • Instead of breakfast morning in the office each month as a bit of an informal catch-up see if you can do something similar online with all of the team.
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I hope that you have found this information helpful.

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